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SportShare has outlined below a few simple and helpful tips to help make your SportShare experience butter smooth and convenient.

Where Are You Going?: This question determines nearly every decision you make with SportShare. Ask yourself if you will be traveling with the equipment or picking up at the destination?

Communication is Key: For smoother transactions we recommend communicating with the equipment owner. Travel information and delays should always be shared with the host.

Take Pictures: The equipment owner will very likely have their own uploaded pictures but as you’re doing the inspection (upon pick-up), pictures are worth a thousand words. Good pictures help across the board, including if a damage claim is submitted and may be the determining factor in arbitration.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Yea…yea…we all know the song. It’s the meaning behind it that counts. We’re all here to have fun and should always respect each other’s equipment and property.

Be Safe, Always!: We want you to have fun, but not to the point of breaking your neck! Check your equipment, wear a helmet, be courteous to other sports enthusiasts sharing your activities and most importantly, have fun!

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