Renter FAQ

SportShare is a vibrant and growing community focused on creating adventures in the sports world as well as thrill and adventure seekers, families, road trippers, groups or individuals seeking to try something new and overall outdoor enthusiasts. You must be 18+ to older with a verified SportShare profile in order to book equipment. We continue to add equipment on a daily basis and are excited to continuously bring you more options to choose from.

You must be at least 18 years of age with a verified SportShare profile in order to reserve equipment. If you are not 18 years of age, an authorized guardian must sign a waiver for you, releasing all liability from SportShare LLC.

Immediate contact to the SportShare Support Team is required, as well as contacting the Equipment Owner whom you rented the equipment from. We will assist you in the next steps which will include providing you and guiding you towards our Incident Report Form. Once an incident report form is received by SportShare, we will begin arbitration in order to fully understand the circumstances of the incident. We always recommend opting in for ShareCare in order to avoid potentially high repair or replacement costs if it is deemed you were at fault for breakages and/or losses.

If it requires a license (such as guns, motorcycles, vehicles, etc.) we will not accept it on the Sport Share LLC platform.

SportShare is a growing community aiming to integrate commercial partners as well as being a peer-to- peer network and platform. Please bear with us as we continue to grow; if a specific sport, activity or equipment is not available, please provide us with this feedback and we will diligently work on obtaining this desired equipment in your search area, provided there are no major safety concerns with the suggested activity. We recommend modifying your search date as well in order to see if the equipment is available at a different time. You may also reach out to us and we will attempt to help you with an alternative solution.

Yes, SportShare allows commercial and retail businesses to post their rental equipment & products, which in turn allows for additional options as a renter. We aim to be a one stop shop for all families, groups and individuals searching for sports rental equipment.

Pick up and return locations will be set up at the time of the booking, between the Renter and the Equipment Owner. Both parties must naturally have a verified account through SportShare. We encourage our Equipment Owners to be flexible regarding drop-off locations for the renter to have a maximized experience during their trip. Choosing a SAFE and public location, such as an airport, lake, public field, etc. is always recommended for everyone’s safety.

Travelers coming from near and far often experience delays in their travel plans, many times due to unforeseen circumstances. Please communicate with the Equipment Owner at the earliest opportunity in order for both parties to find a new time and potential meeting place that works for both of you. We want all members of our community to have the best possible experience, Renter and Equipment Owner. Attempt to find an alternative time, pick up location or possibly opt for the next day. The Equipment Owner will receive the full amount of the trip cost of the original booking. If the Equipment Owner is unable to accommodate the delay, please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we will work diligently in attempting to find you an optimal solution and replacement for your Sporting Equipment Needs. The original booking will be canceled and refunded if we are unable to find a replacement.

Conversations between the equipment owner and renter should be kept on the platform as much as possible in order to reduce risk. The only time we recommend sharing a phone number is once the booking process is complete. If any equipment owner is attempting to talk to you outside of SportShare messaging we consider this a red flag and ask that you please report the individual right away. Similarly, do not share any personal information such as home address, credit card information, social security number or any information that may be used against you.

Please contact at your earliest opportunity and we will work diligently to find you replacement gear or the transaction will be cancelled and refunded to you.

We recommend inspecting the equipment for every check-in and check-out process. Take pictures accordingly and if anything is not as described as it was in the equipment listing, please contact us at and we will review your options (finding a replacement or canceling/refunding the transaction).

Only commercial partners have the ability to sell equipment. We designed our platform specifically this way to upkeep the quality of equipment sales and ensure that individuals using our platform have access to newer and finer quality goods & equipment.

SportShare will host sporting events in the near future. Details coming soon.

SportShare is not liable for any injury incurred at any point in time. By accepting the terms & conditions of our rental agreement as well as completing the check-in process, you agree to not utilize the equipment for anything deemed unreasonably dangerous and/or for occurrences where the renter attempted an act of sport outside of their skill level.

We are very sorry to hear about inclement weather incidents which can often interrupt the ability to perform the desired sport in an adequate manner. We all know weather perils can also prevent you from performing in the sport all together. While we can not guaranty the outcome, please reach out to and we will attempt to negotiate another time with the equipment owner. Requests made after the completion of the trip and/or check-out process are not eligible for review.

Some of our commercial partners mitigate their risks for breakages and theft by pre- authorizing the overall cost of the equipment and/or gear. We leave this option open for trusted commercial partners only. If a non-commercial equipment owner is attempting to charge for the entire cost/value of the equipment, please reach out to and we will review.

ShareCare is $25 if you opt-in which covers damages and/or theft up to $500. If damage equates to a greater value, the renter will owe the difference. If opting out of ShareCare, you may be deemed liable for the entire cost of the repair or replacement.

SportShare utilizes a commonly known and widely used payment platform named Stripe. SportShare does not hold your payment information. Please refer to Stripe’s guidelines and/or your financial institution with concerns regarding payments.

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