Owner FAQ

SportShare is for sports enthusiasts, thrill seekers, adventurers, travelers, families and entrepreneurs who wish to help us in building a vibrant community while making passive income. If you have awesome sports equipment, you are more than likely aware of the high costs associated with owning such equipment. With SportShare, you now have the option to capitalize on your investment and amortizing some of that initial cost which can bring you additional revenue and/or help you in upgrading equipment you previously wanted as well as potentially trading in your equipment for that newer, shinier model you are thinking about – at a quicker pace. It’s a win-win solution for all!

Sports equipment by nature may be subject to wear and tear. Many factors attribute to this such as age, overall condition, maintenance and usage frequency. As such, we expect all members to perform their own due diligence when renting out their sports equipment to other individuals. Some equipment such as (but not limited to) bikes, surf boards, skis, snowboards, ATVs, fencing equipment, rafting equipment, etc. require basic and regular tune ups for maximum efficiency while other equipment such as bike racks, roof racks, barbeques, camping gear, road trip gear, etc. require less maintenance. Each member, whether you’re hosting or renting may be rated on the quality of the equipment. If a member has been flagged with a negative equipment rating or an item being potentially hazardous for others, we will review and remove the item from being rented in the future, if necessary.

SportShare LLC revolves around trust and the high quality sports equipment from our dedicated Equipment Owners. If an Incident Report Form is received, we will promptly review and arbitrate the incident in order to determine what happened and if the renter was at fault. If you opt in to our ShareCare option, you will be covered for your loss or damages. As the Equipment Owner, we always recommend proper upkeep of your equipment as well as pictures prior to any trip for your own peace of mind in proving the damage was not previously done before the trip.

If it requires a license (such as guns, motorcycles, vehicles, etc.) we will not accept it on the Sport Share LLC platform. Using equipment in any way not designed for the sport you are attempting is not permissible. Please contact the equipment owner if in doubt. Sale of any individuals equipment without consent is not permissible. Weapons are not permissible and the Support Team will delete anything that is deemed a weapon.

Pick up and return locations will be set up at the time of the booking, between the Equipment Owner and the Renter. Both parties must naturally have a verified account through SportShare. We encourage our Equipment Owners to be flexible regarding drop-off locations for the renter to have a maximized experience during their trip. Renters are often traveling and therefore do not have the most time available to them, which is why we recommend airports or the destination itself (bike park, public lake, etc.) Choosing a SAFE and public location, such as an airport, lake, public field, etc. is always recommended for everyone’s safety.

Travelers coming from near and far often experience delays in their travel plans, many times due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be flexible with your Renter as we want all members of our community to have the best possible experience, including you as an Equipment Owner. Attempt to find an alternative time, pick up location or possibly opt for the next day. If an arrangement is found, you will still receive credit for the full duration of the original booking. If you are absolutely unable to accommodate the new time, please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we will find a new solution for the Renter as we respect your time as well and understand situations like these may arise. The transaction will be canceled and the equipment owner will forfeit the transaction earnings.

Only commercial partners have the ability to sell equipment. We designed our platform specifically this way to upkeep the quality of equipment sales and ensure that individuals using our platform have access to newer and finer quality goods & equipment.

SportShare will host sporting events in the near future. Details coming soon.

SportShare is not liable for any injury incurred at any point in time. By accepting the terms & conditions of our rental agreement as well as completing the check-in process, the renter agrees to not utilize the equipment for anything deemed unreasonably dangerous and/or for occurrences where the renter attempted an act of sport outside of their skill level. If you are a commercial business which, in the scope of their business, utilizes waivers to continue renting the equipment, please continue to have renters sign this waiver.

We always recommend updating your Stripe Portal and verifying it on a regular basis to ensure all information and financial institution information is accurate. Please contact support@sportshare.com for additional review and we will reach out to you and to Stripe accordingly.

SportShare utilizes a commonly known and widely used payment platform named Stripe. SportShare does not hold your payment information. Please refer to Stripe’s guidelines and/or your financial institution with concerns regarding payments.

Conversations between the equipment owner and renter should be kept on the platform as much as possible in order to reduce risk. The only time we recommend sharing a phone number is once the booking process is complete. If any renter is attempting to talk to you outside of SportShare messaging we consider this a red flag and ask that you please report the individual right away. Similarly, do not share any personal information such as home address, credit card information, social security number or any information that may be used against you.

Please contact Support@sportshare.com at your earliest opportunity to notify us and we will investigate. If the Renter was inherently and purposely absent without canceling, the transaction will not be refunded to the renter and the Equipment Owner will receive all anticipated funds.

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