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About Us

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space.”
Jim Whittaker, First American to Summit Everest


SportShare is an online sports equipment rental application that allows its users to rent out their sports equipment to other users in the SportShare community. By creating a reliable peer-to-peer network, we aim to provide availability and quality of sporting goods for enthusiasts to experience, families to share and entrepreneurs to earn passive income from.


People often encounter exciting new sports that they’re eager to try but are typically required to purchase or rent expensive equipment to do so. Realizing that we shared a common problem, we decided to create a simple and convenient platform that enables people of all socioeconomic levels to interact, enjoy and profit off of their favorite sports.


By creating an all around solution for these problems, we believe SportShare can be the go-to brand for people’s next sporting adventure. We want to turn depreciating assets into passive income, make sports equipment renting as easy as possible, enable communities and families to participate in sports and centralize all of these under one platform.

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